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Our Service:
 *Import & Export.
 *Translation & Interpretation.
 *Auto Show, Race and Event Tour Guide.
 *Arrange Tuners/Racers from Japan.
 *Make Japanese Website for you.
 *And more!

Parts we can deliver:
 *As an Authorized Distributor/Dealer of JDM Auto part.
 *As an normal supplier.
 *Sell whole car, Brand new and/or Pre owned.
 *New/Second hand Factory Parts.
 *Bidding in Yahoo Auction Japan for you.
 *Sell your item in Yahoo Auction Japan.
 *What we had exported before?
 *And more!

 *Hood Damper

About Us:
 *Our History
 *Contact Us

 *How we minimize your shipping cost.
 *What makes us different from others.
 *How to make payment.
 *Inquiry form

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